Egyptians Worldwide for Democracy and Justice (EW4DJ)

Egyptians Worldwide for Democracy and Justice (EW4DJ) Founding Declaration

December 2nd, 2013

We, Egyptian citizens living abroad and citizens of Egyptian origin are endorsing the founding declaration of the network designated as ‘Egyptians worldwide for democracy and Justice (Ew4dJ)’. We are alarmed by the situation that resulted after the July 3rd Coup carried out by the army headed by General Abdel Fatah El Sissi.

We are extremely troubled to witness that a fledgling democracy is being crushed, and that votes casted in a series of democratic and fair elections, have been cancelled by the military coup. As a result, Egyptians are now living again under Marshall Law in a police state that annulled all the achievements of the revolution that ousted Hosni Mubarak (known as January 25th 2011 revolution). 

Egyptians Worldwide for Democracy and Justice (W4DJ) primary goal is to coordinate efforts and exchange ideas and experiences to oppose the military domination, restore democratic institutions, and protect human rights in Egypt.

Taking this major step is indicative of our confidence that the Egyptian people are capable of establishing a true civic society that could be a good model for democracy, human rights, and progressive economy under the rule of law.  These legitimate aspirations require an environment free of any repressive actions, interference by security apparatus, and domination of the armed forces. We believe that the role of the army should be primarily to defend national borders. 

Furthermore, we believe that Egypt needs an independent media, free of any form of censorship, media that will contribute to the development of the country socially and politically.

The military coup has aborted the dreams of the Arab Spring to establish a democratic state in Egypt, and it has repressed aspiration for freedom, human dignity, and social justice for all Egyptians. It is becoming absurd to discuss a due political process or future elections after the military abolished summarily the results of the previous five elections. 

The coup has crippled the conditions needed for running any future free elections by banning peaceful demonstrations and sit inns, interrupting the political process, monopolizing the public mass media, and shutting down all opposition’s media outlets including radio, TV stations and newspapers. In brief, instead of promoting democracy, the current regime has reinforced its grip on power and reinstated more repressive measures than known at the time of Hosni Mubarak. 

IN LIGHT of all the above-mentioned grim conditions, and considering the fact that around 10% of Egyptians live outside their home country, we Egyptians citizens and citizens originally from Egypt, living in different countries in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia have established this new network to coordinate our political and legal efforts to support every peaceful effort to bring back democracy, and to confront any oppressive acts against the people of Egypt.

Egyptians Worldwide for Democracy and Justice (EW4DJ) represents a wide spectrum of activists with different political affiliation, united only by their strong belief in democracy and the rule of law. We believe in constitutional laws and peaceful means to resolve political differences and establish democratic systems. However, we are expecting that the pro-coup media will label us, falsely, as associates or members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Indeed, they label all anti-coup and pro-democracy people as such.

Principles of Unity:

WE Egyptians Worldwide for Democracy and Justice (W4DJ) has adopted the following principles and positions

  1. We reject the military coup and all its consequences including the suspension of the 2012 constitution, dissolving the Shura Council, and the kidnapping of the elected president.
  2. We respect the right of all Egyptians who opposed Dr. Morsi, and we do not believe in the sanctity of any President or that he/she is above criticism and opposition, but we affirm that legitimacy can only be attained through the ballot box, the only democratic way for governing and the only way to spare Egypt from sinking further into the current chaos.
  3. We reject any present or future intervention by the military in the political process, regardless of any justification.
  4. We reject imposing a state of emergency measures and curfews in violation of the constitution, and we insist on the protection of everyone’s basic human rights including peaceful protests and sit-ins.
  5. We reject banning any political party or group that existed before June 30th, 2013, and condemn labeling the Muslim Brotherhood or any other group as a terrorist organization without evidence 
  6. We demand the release of all political prisoners and the withdrawal of all politically motivated charges against them.  
  7. We celebrate the religious diversity in Egypt as being part of our rich heritage, and stress that individuals should be able to express and practice their believes without fear or coercion. We refuse any exclusion or marginalization of any citizen or group of citizens due to their religious affiliation.
  8. After defeating the coup, we demand the legitimate authority to appoint an independent tribunal to investigate the violation of human right and the massacres committed since January 25th, 2011. This tribunal should ensure fair retribution, implement the principles of transitional justice, and attempt to achieve national reconciliation


We will be monitoring the latest developments in Egypt and reporting facts censured by the authorities on our website 


Thank you.


Samaa Elibyari     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     1-514-288-8609 (office) 1-514-805-3220(cell)

Osama Elkhodary  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 1-613-265-6509