Ottawa, September 22 2020

The Egyptian Canadian Coalition for Democracy (ECCD) stands in full solidarity with Egyptians and all Human Rights defenders calling for the removal of El-Sisi and his military regime.

Western Governments especially our Government should support Egyptians and all Human Rights defenders facing a regime that killed thousands in cold blood, imprisoned tens of thousands of political opponents from all political stripes, and silenced all critical voices.

During the last few days, demonstrators spontaneously flooded the streets to cry out their anger and demand change, calling for El-Sisi to leave. They passionately expressed themselves physically and virtually. The most popular hashtag was 'We don't want you' and 'Irhal' (which means leave!).

Characteristically, the response to the people's rebellion was by more detentions and complete denial by the official controlled media. El-sisi himself remained silent. But the regime surely realizes now that it is losing its grip and the winds of change are gaining strength.

As the population was reeling from a sharp increase in the price of commodities, on top of the ever-rising taxes, the regime has introduced an additional punishing new law about building permits. In fact, another disguised way of extorting money to replenish the coffers of those in power at the expense of the poor.

With broken hearts, we and all the world, watched the images of families being thrown into the streets while the bulldozers flattened their homes. When will this cruelty and injustice stop?

To those who raised their voices denouncing the latest round of abuse by the regime, to those who are aspiring for the end of cronyism and corruption, for those who aspire to live in security and dignity, for those who are unjustly imprisoned, we want to assure you of our backing and admiration. We will not let you down! We will do everything in our power to extend our support in these difficult times.

The end of this tyrant and his regime is near!

About ECCD: The Egyptian Canadian Coalition for Democracy (ECCD) is a politically independent, non-affiliated pan Canadian organization that advocates for democracy and human rights in Egypt. The ECCD has representatives in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

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