Paul Dewar - NDP Foreign Critic

Since the ousting and detention of former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi in July, the situation in Egypt has been extremely precarious, and often disturbingly violent. Human rights groups have expressed serious concern over political violence committed in the wake of the assumption of power by the Egyptian military, and the deterioration of an effective rule of law. The repeated extension of the state of emergency has further aggravated tensions.

Women, religious minorities, and peaceful protesters have been particularly vulnerable, and attacks continue to be perpetrated with impunity. Regardless of gender, religion, or ethnicity, all Egyptians must be free to express their beliefs peacefully and publicly. 

The Canadian government must continue urging Egyptian authorities to uphold basic human rights and support democratic liberties including freedom of the press and peaceful association.

The Canadian government should also encourage Egyptian authorities to work in collaboration with civil society and the international community in establishing a roadmap to restore full democracy under civilian control. An effective and respectful relationship between civil society and the state can help Egypt become a democratic example for its neighbours and a powerful force for moderation in the region. 

I am proud to stand with Egyptians and Egyptian-Canadians in supporting democracy, human rights, and the rule of law in Egypt.