About ECCD

The Egyptian Canadian Coalition for Democracy (ECCD) is an independent federally incorporated not-for-profit Canadian organization. ECCD was established in the nation's capital in September 2013. Today, ECCD activists are present in most major Canadian Cities including: Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Quebec City, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Vancouver, Kingston, and St. Johns. ECCD was founded to provide a platform and lend support to Canadian and Egyptian advocates of democracy and human rights in Egypt. While ECCD is proud of its collaborative work with national and international pro-democracy individuals, groups, and organizations, ECCD does not endorse or subscribe to the ideological viewpoints of any other group, and is not in any way affiliated, associated, or has any official ties with any other organization or political party in Canada or abroad.

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ECCD's Vision

We see a time when Egypt is a thriving democracy. Egyptians enjoy and pursue prosperity, liberty, social Justice, and human dignity. Egypt lives up to its civilizational heritage, honours the sacrifices of the January 2011 revolutionaries, affirms the values of the revolution, and serves as a beacon for other countries seeking liberty and advancement.
As such, Egypt is a cause that receives intellectual, moral, and material support from
all those who stand for justice and humanity. The ECCD is organized and effective, embodying these values and reaching out to Canadians to raise awareness and marshal support for this cause.

ECCD's Mission

To create and mobilize an advocacy network that is committed to the universal values of freedom, justice, democracy, peace, prosperity, and rule of law, enshrined in Canada in the Charter, and brought to life by the Egyptian revolution. This network will work to raise awareness and mobilize broad-based support in Canada for Egyptians struggling to attain these values in their country. This network will become a model for others and will cooperate in this cause with like-minded individuals and groups around the world.

ECCD Summary of Core Principles

  1. Celebrate the political, cultural, and religious diversity of Egypt as a true sign of Egypt's rich heritage and civilization, and reject any exclusion or marginalization of any citizen or group of citizens without a legal cause and due process.
  2. Call for an immediate end to the military rule, and reject the military coup of July 2013 and all its consequences including the suspension of 2012 constitution, the disbanding of the Shura Council, and the kidnapping of the elected president.
  3. Reject any intervention by the military in the political process, regardless of the reasons.
  4. Reject banning any political party or group, that was part of the Egyptian political landscape after the January 25th revolution and prior to June 30th, 2013, from participating in the political process, and reject the politically motivated labeling of MB or any other group as a terrorist organization.
  5. Respect the right of all Egyptians who opposed President Morsi, and affirm that no president or political figure has sanctity or is above criticism and opposition.
  6. Demand that the restored or new legitimate government of Egypt be elected only through a transparent and fair election and affirm that government legitimacy can only be attained through the ballot box.
  7. Demand the immediate release of all political prisoners and dropping all politically motivated charges against them.
  8. Demand the appointment of an independent committee to investigate the violations of human rights and the massacres committed since January 25th, 2011 and bring the perpetrators to justice.